DVS Digital Vignette Service GmbH is an Austrian Company founded in May 2020. The founders of the company are people who have gathered huge experience in Online Digital Technologies during the last two decades. We have founded and helped develop several successful companies in Online Sector.

With many Countries in the EU and Eastern Europe digitalizing or planning to digitalize the payment and management of the Road Toll (Vignettes), our long term goal is to offer to Road Travellers across Europe the possibility to purchase and manage Vignettes for all European Countries Online.

We have therefore designed and developed an easy-to-use Website, enabling quick and reliable purchase of Road Vignettes, anytime and anywhere, from your Mobile Phone or Desktop Computer. We are connecting our Website with different interfaces of different countries, always working together with relevant National Institutions for Road Toll, while at the same time enabling our customers to get all their Vignettes in a single, quick, easy, secure and mobile-friendly Website.

We have started to first offer Road Vignettes for Hungary in June 2020. We are at the same time working with relevant institutions in Austria, Check Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, etc. We plan to offer online Vignettes for all those countries in the coming months.

We aim to provide the best possible Service to all our customers when it comes to Online Vignettes. In order to do so, we will go beyond the usual good Service and provide extra benefits to our customers. More about our Services here.

In doing this, Digital Vignette Service GmbH fully complies with European Privacy Laws, offers the latest and most secure technologies in Online Payment and aims not only to meet but also to surpass the very best practices in Online Business and Sales.


Viennaconcerts.com Ticket Office LLC – viennaconcerts.com is involved as a shareholder at DVS Digital Vignette Service GmbH.


Onlinevignette.com offers fast and reliable purchase of Road Toll / Vignette both from home or on-the-go.

  • User Friendly Design, Easy Overview, Quick and Simple Online Vignettes
  • Mobile Friendly, buy your Digital Vignette quickly while on the road
  • Data Privacy Standards and Highest Security Standards for Online Payments
  • Official Partner of National Road Management Institutions 
  • Immediate Confirmation for Digital Vignettes
  • Fast and Reliable Delivery of Motorway Toll Stickers
  • E-Mail and Telephone Support, Great Service