Austrian Toll Stickers / Tickets Online. By Mail Delivery

Dec 16, 2020 is one of the few websites to offer the Austrian Vignette. Unfortunately, at this point we will not be able to offer the online version of the Vignette (Digital Vignette) due to legal barriers in Austria. Due to legal issues, the Austrian Digital Vignette can only be purchased with a validity that starts not sooner than 14 days.

Instead, we are offering the classical Austrian Motorway Toll Sticker, which will need to be delivered by mail within the next 3-5 business days. Due to Mail / Delivery Costs, this option will be somewhat costlier, but it enables you to get the Toll Sticker within 3-5 business days, instead of waiting for 14 days or having to stop and wait in gas stations.

We will be constantly working to also offer the full Online Digital Vignette for Austria.