Digital Vignette (E-Matrica) for Hungary

We are offering a complete and quick solution for the Hungarian Digital Vignette. The confirmation will be in your E-Mail Inbox within 1 minute, while the validity of the Vignette will also be immediate if needed. is official and authorised provider of all Digital Vignettes for Hungary, including all options for motorcycles, cars, buses, trailers, etc.

We will be working with other countries to include full range of Online Digital Vignettes, including Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria, etc.

Austrian Digital Vignette is one of the few websites to offer the Austrian Vignette. Due to legislation in force in Austria, as a consumer, you cannot use the digital vignette immediately after purchase – it is valid at the earliest 18 days after purchase. If you are an entrepreneur, this time limit does not apply to you.

The Austrian Digital Vignette is bound to the licence plate of the vehicle. Pricing of the Austrian Vignette is determined based on the validity. The Vignettes in Austria have a validity of 10 days, 2 months or one year.

We are offering a complete and quick solution for the Austrian Digital Vignette. The confirmation will be in your E-Mail Inbox within max. 24 hours. starts with 2 Countries

We started our offer for Toll Stickers and Digital Vignettes with Austria and Hungary. We are working to ad Czech Republic and Slovakia next. The Hungarian Vignette (E-Matrica) offered in our Website is a complete Digital Vignette with immediate confirmation. For Austria, we are currently offering Toll Stickers which will need to be delivered by mail. Unfortunately, Austria is still not allowing purchases of Online / Digital Vignettes for the next 14 days.

Register with us | Your Benefits

While you can quickly buy the Vignettes at as a guest and without registration, the registration brings you several benefits, including:

  • Some of your data, such as Name, E-Mail and Licence Plate will be saved to make the online purchase even faster and easier next time (your payment data will not be saved)
  • This enables much quicker and easier online purchase of Vignettes in the future
  • Regular reminders about Vignette Validity / Expiration

Why digital Vignette? has started with more concentration on Central and Eastern Europe Motorways and aims to include all Road Toll Tickets, Stickers and Digital Vignettes in Europe.

There are millions of short-period Vignettes purchased every year in the Roads and Motorways of Austria, Hungary and other countries. Most of those Toll Stickers are bought in-Person, where people have to wait in line in a Gas Station, fill in their data such as number plates and stick the Vignette in the windshield.

We offer quick and easy solution to buy your Vignette while planning your trip or even purchase it while on the road. Whit just few clicks, you can get your Digital Vignette and continue your trip relaxed.

Our offer for Hungarian Digital Vignette (E-Matrica) includes an immediate confirmation on your E-Mail. You do not to wait in line and place the Hungarian Toll Sticker in your windshield. The Digital Vignette by E-Mail does the job.

Furthermore, our bundled products for Motorway Digital Vignettes (example Austria – Hungary – Serbia) enables you to get done with Toll Tickets within a minute and saves you even more time on your trip. Have a coffee and rest easy without waiting in the line.