is owned and managed by Digital Vignette Service GmbH, Neuer Markt 9/12, 1010 Vienna, Austria. The company, through this website, offers Online Digital and Non-Digital Vignettes (Toll Stickers) for Central European Highways.


The following Terms and Conditions are valid for all orders of motorway and highway vignettes at


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Users of motorways and highways that require a vignette are obliged to purchase a vignette (e-vignette or sticker vignette depending on the country) prior to travel. arranges / sells (acts as agent) motorway and highway vignettes of different countries. takes over the procurement, the booking in the electronic tolling systems and the delivery of vignettes for its customers.


By completing and submitting online (by clicking the button “Complete the Order”) the information for the motorways and highway vignette and the payment information, you authorize to charge your credit card / payment mean with the total amount of your order. The contract is concluded only if the payment information is correct and an immediate charge of the credit card / payment mean is possible. Therefore, the automatic e-Mail confirmation of order from confirms at the same time the conclusion of the contract.


If will not be able to deliver the confirmed and paid motorway and highway vignettes due to technical, logistic, organizational or any other reasons, will refund the total price for the motorway and highway vignette/s without any deduction. is only an intermediary and takes no liabilities for the conditions and/or availability of roads and highways for which a vignette has been bought.


Countries for which vignettes are sold on, can close borders on short notice due to Covid-19 pandemic and/or other Force Majeure events. takes no labilities for border closures and/or availability of motorways and highways for which vignettes have been purchased.

7. DELIVERY offers different delivery methods depending on the type of vignette purchases. E-vignettes are delivered electronically (by email) and at no additional cost. Sticker vignettes are delivered by priority post services at additional charges at the address provided by the buyer during the order process.


E-vignettes are valid for the period stated in the confirmation email and in the attached e-vignette document. The e-vignettes are linked to the vehicle’s number plate provided by the buyer during the ordering process. By creating an entry in the electronic tolling system of the respective state, enables the authorization of the vehicle with the provided license plates to use the public motorway and highway network subject to tolling. takes no labiality for the correctness of the license plate provided by the customer. The e-vignette shall be purchased before entering the toll motorways and highway.  If the e-vignette is purchased after the vehicle has entered the toll motorway and highway, its validity cannot be applied retroactively.

Sticker vignettes are valid for the period explicitly provided on the sticker. Sticker vignette must be placed on the vehicle according to the instruction provided on the sticker before the usage of the public motorway and highway network subject to tolling. takes no liability for the correct placement of sticker vignettes on customer vehicles. does not take any responsibility if the buyer has unintentionally provided wrong license plate and/or starting date for the validity of the Vignette, both e-Vignettes and Sticker Vignettes.

9. PAYMENT accepts different payment means including all main Credit Cards. The Credit Card will be charged immediately and automatically upon receiving the customer order.


Prices at include all taxes and dues, but exclude eventual delivery costs. The delivery costs, if at all applicable, will be listed during the first steps of the ordering process. For the motorway and highway vignettes sold, will apply a purchase or service fee which will be included in the price. Purchase or service fee amount is always shown next to price information.

11. CANCELLATION POLICY takes over the procurement, the booking in the electronic tolling systems and the delivery of vignettes based on prior consent of its customers. The client loses the right to terminate the contract after has confirmed the order.

Vignettes (Toll Tickets) always have specific validity and expiration date. Once the order has been confirmed to the buyer by, the buyer has no right to cancel the order. An exemption applies to the Austrian Digital Vignette. Here an 18-day protection period for consumers is valid. Consumers can therefore make use of the right of withdrawal within 14 days from the date of purchase and cancel the purchased vignettes free of charge. This does not apply to companies. Vignettes that are already valid cannot be canceled.

The electronic copy of order receipt confirmation E-mail, sent by to the E-mail address provided by the buyer, is proof of the order receipt and the conclusion of the contract (even if the buyer has provided unintentionally a wrong E-mail address).

Unintentional selection of wrong validity dates by the buyer, represents no valid reason for the cancellation or re-issuance of the Vignette. Once the order is confirmed, the validity dates of the Vignette cannot be changed.


For foreign private and business customers the place of jurisdiction is Vienna, Austria. For Austrian private customers the place of jurisdiction is their local court.