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YOUR BENEFITS WITH US offers fast and reliable purchase of Road Toll / Vignette both from home or on-the-go


  • Quick and Simple. No need for Registration.
  • No Hidden Fees.
  • User Friendly Design, Easy Overview, Quick and Simple Online Vignettes.
  • Mobile Friendly, buy your Digital Vignette quickly while on the road.
  • Data Privacy Standards and Highest Security Standards for Online Payments.
  • Immediate Confirmation for Digital Vignettes.
  • E-Mail and Telephone Support, Great Service.
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Why digital Vignette?

There are millions of short-period Vignettes purchased every year in the Roads and Motorways of Austria, Hungary and other countries. Most of those Toll Stickers are bought in-Person, where people have to wait in line in a Gas Station, fill in their data such as number plates and stick the Vignette in the windshield.


We offer quick and easy solution to buy your Vignette while planning your trip or even purchase it while on the road. Whit just few clicks, you can get your Digital Vignette and continue your trip relaxed.

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Vignette Hungary


  • Motorcycles and Automobiles
  • Motorcycles and Automobiles

Motorcycles and Automobiles

Max. 3,5 Tons - Max. 7 seats


10 Days


1 Month


1 Year
Vignette Hungary


  • All other motor vehicles
  • All other motor vehicles

All other motor vehicles

Max. 3,5 Tons - more than 7 seats


10 Days


1 Month


1 Year
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What is it worth registering?

While you can quickly buy the Vignettes at as a guest and without registration, the registration brings you several benefits, including:


  • Some of your data, such as Name, E-Mail and Licence Plate will be saved to make the online purchase even faster and easier next time (your payment data will not be saved)
  • This enables much quicker and easier online purchase of Vignettes in the future
  • Regular reminders about Vignette Validity / Expiration
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a Vignette at

In three quick and easy steps: In the First page, select the country, vehicle type and validity time of the vignette (all options are visible, you can select an option by simply clicking on it).In the second step, you provide your Country and the Licence Plate.In the third step you provide your data (Name and E-Mail) and the Payment Data (depending on the payment option you select).

Why there is a difference in confirmation time and delivery for different countries

Since different countries have different technologies to manage their Motorway Toll and also different sale channels, we were not able to immediately offer the same delivery time for all countries. Generally, confirmation time is the time we need to confirm your order and send you the invoice (not to confirm the Vignette, only the order) while Delivery Time is the time we need to deliver the Vignette. Confirmation time is usually immediately, while the Delivery Time can vary depending on the country. Confirmation, Delivery Times and Delivery Options (E-Mail or Postal) are clearly described for each country while buying vignettes at

What is the difference between Digital Vignettes and Toll Stickers / Tickets

Generally, Digital Vignettes and Toll Tickets (or Stickers) are one and the same thing. The difference is that Digital Vignettes are ordered and confirmed online by E-Mail (you do not need to place your Vignette in the windscreen or keep it in your car) while Toll Tickets or Stickers are bought directly in the store (example: gas station) and must be places in the windscreen or kept in the car).

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